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5 Reasons to Look for a Summer Job

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For example, if you love books or writing, a job in a bookstore or library might be perfect for you. For summer employment when school is not in sessionthe federal government does not allow and year-olds to work before 7 a. Plus, if your school requires you to get volunteer credits, summer is a great time to earn them. Print up flyers advertising the services your business offers, your rates, and your phone number or email address, then drop one off at every house in your neighborhood or ask supermarkets or coffeehouses if you can post one on their community bulletin board. Some jobs just aren't right for teens. Federal and state laws limit the number of hours teens can work. Start a pet sitting, dog walking, childcare, computer services, yardwork, or cleaning teen may find job that whatever there's a need for in teen may find job that area. If you decide to apply for a position you find online, run it by a parent or school counselor first and definitely don't go for an interview without involving an adult. You can find out your state's laws and curfews times when teens are not allowed to work by calling perfect tit shaved state department of labor.

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