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Dolphins vs. Women

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She smiled, and reached over to pet him. A small drop of semen dripped of the end as she inserted it, savoring the taste she remarked to herself at it's gaminess, she had also noticed that he smelled gamy all over. But, seeing as how she hadn't bathed recently she decided not to worry about it. Goldie wandered into the house, it was rundown, but quaint and homey. James solicitor told her that there is a problem. The oxygen flooding into her brain was such a relief that she felt a surge of gratitude toward the creature for forcing girls having sex with dolphins oily member down her throat and allowing her to breathe. Her father's answering shout becoming clearer. His eyes on hers for a moment, and then staring with horror past her, over her shoulder. He is tall and noble, black-bearded, flashing eyes, a strong mouth. It tasted bit salty girls having sex with dolphins she liked it.

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