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Anatomic landmarks for localisation of the branches of the facial nerve

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Zygomatic branch of facial small area around the concha of the auricle. Like the zygomatic branch, no studies have attempted to relate the course of the buccal nerve with respect to bony landmarks. The aim of this review was to discuss anatomic landmarks for localisation of the branches of the facial nerve Materials and Methods A systematic literature review of English articles since was performed using search terms pertaining to facial nerve anatomy. In one study, cervical branch injury was observed in 34 of SMAS-platysma face lifts [ 35 ]. The lower cervicofacial division trifurcates into zygomatic branch of facial, marginal mandibular and cervical branches supplying the muscles of the mid- and lower face. However, recent interest in the anatomy of the zygomatic branch of facial branch is related to its increasing use in nerve reconstruction following brachial plexus injuries, neurectomy for treatment of pathologic platysmal movement and intentional denervation to reduce the amount of banding required in the neck during SMAS plication facelift [ 34 ]. Discussion Many articles utilised soft tissues as landmarks from which to predict the course of the facial nerve. Nuclei nucleus ambiguus spinal accessory nucleus Cranial Spinal. The FTN was observed to be a mean distance of 6.


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