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ITT: Discuss the pros/cons of shaving your butthole.

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I'm saying both males and females have hair and muscles varying amounts of it, but it's still there in both sexesso it's not logical to butt hole shaved them "masculine" traits. Starting from butt hole shaved bottom, and shaving from the crack to the cheeks, I began the arduous process of ridding my butt of hair. I really like the fresh shave feeling. The only area I require a girl to have at least trimmed, if not totally butt hole shaved, is "down there". What I like about this unit is the dual end shaving it offers; the shaving head at the top is great butt hole shaved close shaves, and the trimmer at the bottom of the unit with the hair guard is great for trimming down hair. There are a number of horror stories about pubic shaving, but for men who can master the art, it is well worth the reward. Similar Threads How do you shave your penis and balls without cutting them? But some people enjoy and have better results shaving with the grain. Positive Thinking Is The Solution.

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