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Occupations of Street Walkers 63 IX. Studies made of special groups, of differing ages and conditions qty real prostitute teen dif- ferent times and places, differ greatly as to results. The same general tendency toward mental indifference is shown by data concerning present or previous occupations of the women investigated. The most serious aspect of this demand is that it becomes wholly sensual, divorced from all feeling of busty latina prostitute and respect toward women. Both in English and American ccxnmon law, keeping qty real prostitute teen bawdy house is an offense. In of the 1, families considered by Miss Miner qty real prostitute teen actively vicious element or clearly recognized degenerate strain was known to be present. It should also be said that many of the girls who alleged diat their previous or last occupation was domestic serv- 63 Prostitution in the United States ice or departmental store work proved to be really incom- petent to continue such lines and showed little atrility to succeed in them. At the same time, it will be seen that over 22 per cent of these girls were married at the time of the enumeration and, in many instances, they were carrying on the business of prostitu- tion with the knowledge of their husband, and sometimes with his encouragement. He occupies toward them the relations of master, manager, protector, bully and lover. To such a per- son, superficially familiar, however, with the outward aspects of the law and court procedure, the meticulous care with which distinctions are drawn between these various offenses and the use of these distinctions by law- yers for the defense causes wonder, not as to the num- ber of convictions secured, but that all who come before the court bukkake fetish not go free.

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